Lights on the Lake

Only a month away, it is time to startfireworks planning your 4th of July celebration. This is a day to honor the birthday of the United States, and the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, 236 years ago. What would an Independence Day celebration be without a picnic and an amazing firework show with family and friends? The ‘Lights on the Lake’ firework show has been rated among the top 5 in the nation by the American Pyrotechnics Association.
With the fireworks directly over the lake, there are a multitude of locations to choose to view the show from, all of which will make you feel front row! To view¬†six of the most popular locations, visit, and view ‘Lights on the Lake’ under events.
The display this year, is scheduled to start around 9:45PM on Wednesday, July 4th. So be safe, have fun and celebrate!

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