Tips to Avoid Fraud

  • 1) Recognize it. Report it. Fraud by telephone, Internet and mail is a very serious issue. If a telemarketer has contacted you or if you have been defrauded, consider contacting the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at or call 1.877.FTC.HELP.
  • 2) You have a choice about receiving telemarketing calls. Please consider registering your telephone numbers, including wireless numbers, on the national “Do-Not-Call” Registry. To register call 1.888.382.1222. You must call from the telephone number you wish to register or register online at
  • 3) Ask for the name of the company, and the city and state they do business in. Verify information through the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division in that state. It is generally a toll-free number. In addition, we recommend you consider the following:
    a. Never pay “upfront” fees to anyone offering to sell your timeshare;
    b. Nevergive your credit card number or other personal information to strangers; and,
    c. Never be afraid to ask a lot questions.
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