Kingsbury Crossing Team Member Comments

Housekeeping was great, would have liked to have known all of their names.
Submitted by: The Leigh Family, Kingsbury Crossing

TimeShare 101 was super. 1-on-1 with Yvonne, we learned a lot.
Submitted by: The Richman Family, Kingsbury Crossing

We love this resort and the team, which are all top notch.
Submitted by: The Asbury Family, Kingsbury Crossing

We give high marks to all and loved our stay.
Submitted by: The Leigh Family, Kingsbury Crossing

Rose & Yvonne at the front desk and Carmen with Housekeeping: Very helpful and always smiling. It was our first visit and we will be back.
Submitted by: The Bier Family, Kingsbury Crossing

Cesar came up before he went home at night to put the screen door back on track. It came off the track at 10:00 pm. Thank you Cesar.
Submitted by: The Sledge Family, Kingsbury Crossing

Everyone was nice, and Rose was most helpful. She assisted us in making our reservation on the cruises. She answered our questions, not just answered, but went way beyond and shared more helpful information with us. Thank you Rose.
Submitted by: The Leigh Family, Kingsbury Crossing

Carmen with Housekeeping and Rose from the front desk both were helpful with whatever we needed…”immediately.” Everyone here is a very good Team Member.
Submitted by: The Krupicka Family, Kingsbury Crossing

To everyone, thank you for your kindness & willingness to answer questions. We were very impressed with not only the resort, but the team as well.
Submitted by: The Leigh Family, Kingsbury Crossing

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