Hang Gliding Tahoe


Hang Gliding Tahoe shows you the views of South Lake Tahoe from up above, flying high in an Apollo Trike instructed by a FAA flight instructor.¬† Hang Gliding Tahoe is beautiful, adventurous and fun! Not only that, but it’s also great for the whole family and can be experienced year-round. The best part of hang gliding in Tahoe is the beautiful views from above. You won’t be able to see these things if you stay on the ground for your entire visit. The Apollo Trike, used for Lake Tahoe Hang Gliding, tests higher than most conventional airplanes for G-forces. The machines are maintained and inspected by FAA certified mechanics, and they take serious precautions when it comes to weather and safety for all! You even get the reassurance of a backup parachute.¬†Unlike many things you can do while you’re here on vacation, Hang Gliding Lake Tahoe isn’t confined to the summer or the winter, but rather you can go any time of the year! The sights are just as beautiful in December as they are in July! Hang Gliding in Tahoe is the way to go. It’s a completely different experience than parasailing, sailing, plane riding, a balloon ride or a helicopter tour and none of these other options will get you the same thrill.

For additional information, please visit hangglidingtahoe.com

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