Front Desk to Housekeeping to Maintenance

From the Front Desk to Housekeeping to Maintenance. They all treated me like royalty and made me feel at home.
Submitted by: The Sweda Family, Kingsbury Crossing

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  1. Jennifer Briggs says:

    4 of us stayed March 16-23, 2014, and traded a 2 bedroom 2 bath, full kitchen, in condo laundry, for this 2 bedroom 1 bath studio kitchen with no in condo laundry, to ski Heavenly.

    1. It is very convenient to parking and lifts, grocery, and town
    2. Extensive DVD library with the ability to check out 2 DVD’s at a time at no charge.
    3. Gas fireplace in unit
    4. Juliet balcony
    5. Most kitchen items provided, including dishwasher, toaster, pots and pans, etc.
    6. Tub is a modestly working Jacuzzi.
    7. Clean and somewhat updated.

    1. The unit is SMALL. Much smaller than anything we have exchanged for a 2 bedroom.
    2. All beds are queens. NO KINGS.
    3. Kitchen area is tiny. No oven.
    4. The guest bedroom wall is not finished to the ceiling. It is left open for some strange reason above the door, so it is hard to sleep if others are up watching TV, playing cards etc. We stuffed pillows up there.
    5. The one bathroom is extremely small. It is split with the tub/shower and WC in a room with a door and the sink area is open to the living room/kitchen/dining room, with no door. Hard to get ready without everyone watching and the only other mirrors are on the inside back wall of the closets, behind your hanging cloths, and the closets don’t have lights in them. Impossible to use for makeup/hair etc. and hardly usable to check clothing because you are constantly moving the hanging cloths out of the way.
    6. Front hall closet is filled with fans, ironing board, extra bedding, etc. so there is not much room for outerwear, ski clothes or guests cloths that are using the pull out couch as their bed. Hooks near door would be a welcome addition.
    7. They charge for things we have found other condos include, billiards, laundry, hot chocolate at the coffee station. Bring quarters!
    8. NO WIFI!

    • Platinum says:

      We appreciate you taking the time to provide us your comments. We value your feedback as it allows us to make improvements to our resort. Thank you for staying with us.

      The Lodge at Kingsbury Crossing Management